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Firstly, ShareASale is free to join and pays $1 for affiliate referrals and $150 for merchant referrals.
They also accept international affiliates (like me :-)
Sounds OK, right? But wait, there's more!

The ShareASale Magic
ShareASale will pay you 5% of every sale made through affiliates referred by you.
{Read that again}
That's right! If any affiliate you refer makes a $100 sale YOU get $5.
For every sale made by any affiliate you refer.
You'll earn a continuing income stream with no extra effort.
Even with a low ShareASale referral link CTR, you can still make a double or triple-digit EPC!
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ShareASale earnings
You can see I've had ZERO sign-ups so far this month but I'm making $112 EPC from my referral earnings!!
In fact, I get most of my ShareASale income this way.

You don't need to be an internet marketing genius with ShareASale. You just need to refer one :-)

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You'll be glad you did ;-)


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